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Gen Ed Requirements by Catalog Year

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GETA (Gen Ed Transcript Addendum)

Policies and Decisions on Gen Ed Implementation

Policies and decisions on the following pages deal with issues of implementing the new General Education program which went into effect at Binghamton in Fall 2000:
last updated 2/12/04
Foreign Language
last updated 7/14/06
last updated 1/10/06
Transfer Students
last updated 7/12/02
last updated 7/14/06

Gen Ed Lab credit for AP science courses

Appeals to designate courses retroactively

Appeals of transfer equivalencies

Appeals of C requirement

Postponement of increased requirement for transfer students

Definition of "4 units of a language"

Fulfilling the foreign language requirement through "significant activity"

Revised Gen Ed foreign language requirement

Gen Ed foreign language requirement for 2004-2005

Handout on waivers of foreign language requirement for non-native speakers of English

Foreign language for students who do not meet the proficiency standards

2002 Senate legislation on the new Gen Ed foreign language requirement

Can lower-level foreign language classes be taken P/F?

Foreign language for Watson Computer Science majors

School waivers of foreign language requirement

Gen Ed Math requirement revised 12/6/05

Are high school math courses such as business math & computer math acceptable as 4th year math?

Determining Gen Ed proficiency from high school work
How do we assure uniform evaluation of transfer credits?

Have transfer students who satisfied SUNY-GER at their previous school completed our Gen Ed?

Do we accept a course with a D grade for Gen Ed from a SUNY school? A non-SUNY school?

Which school's transfer evaluation prevails with IUT and double-degree students?

What is the BU equivalent to "Basic Communication" on the GETA?

Exemptions for transfer students

Do transfer courses taken P/F satisfy the Gen Ed requirement?

ROTC credit for Gen Ed Y

New Math Regents terminology

Another option for Math-deficient students

Clarification of the Math requirement

Equivalencies for AP credit

Can a student use AP US History for both Pluralism & Social Science?

How are Binghamton Study Abroad courses identified and processed?

What policy guides Gen Ed for IUTs and double degree students?

English is the language of C, O & J courses


Minutes of the Gen Ed Implementation Committee

Past minutes of Gen Ed Implementation Committee meetings are available online.


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